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      Planned Giving
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Planned Giving
Planned Giving

Ralph Sockman once said: "What makes greatness is starting something that lives after you." Making a bequest is your legacy to the people and organizations you hold dear. Remember Lighthouse Central Florida in your Estate Plans - Join the Legacy Society!

Unfortunately, about half of all Americans do not have a will. You can put your affairs in order for those you care about by contacting your attorney or trust officer, who will discuss the many options available to you.

A General Legacy Statement: I __________ devise and bequeath to Lighthouse Central Florida, Inc., a non-profit agency registered in the State of Florida, the sum of $_____ (or otherwise describe the gift; often a percentage of the estate is designated) to be used in the furtherance of its mission and general purposes.

Memorial or Tribute Donations:

Any gift to Lighthouse Central Florida can be specially designated as a tribute in honor of a person or special occasion. Likewise, gifts may be made in memory of a deceased loved one as a way of showing love and respect while helping the Lighthouse mission at the same time.

Real Estate Gifts:
When you make an outright, irrevocable gift of real property to Lighthouse Central Florida, Inc., you may be eligible for a charitable income tax deduction equal to the full, fair market value of the property. You may also save on capital gains and, as well, receive a large charitable deduction.

Gifts Through Retirement Plans:
If you have accrued funds in a company pension plan or IRA beyond your needs for a secure retirement, you should consider making a gift from your account to Lighthouse Central Florida, Inc. As a side benefit, such a gift may lower estate taxes through the charitable deduction it provides.

If you have further questions, our Director of Sustainability & Communications, Kyle Johnson, is available to work with you and your professional advisors to develop gift strategies suitable for you. You can contact Kyle at 407-898-2483 x 226 or