The Blink Experience
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The Blink Experience
The Blink Experience: Blink of an Eye Tour
- In the Blink of an Eye Tour -

What could you possibly do without sight? Odds are, you’re capable of doing much more than you think!

Join us for The Blink Experience, a hands-on exploration of how Lighthouse teaches, supports and empowers children, teens and adults living beyond the restrictions of vision loss and blindness. This free, one-hour tour includes lunch and 60 minutes of inspiration.

Seating is extremely limited – book your visit today!

True or False?
• Most people who are blind see nothing but darkness
• You cannot pursue your passion or career if you are blind False
• People who are blind cannot cut and cook their meals on their own
• Blind children and adults cannot use iPhones and personal computers
• The other senses of people who are blind are “enhanced “
• People who are blind cannot travel safely on their own
• Children who are blind must attend special schools
• People who are blind do not watch movies
• People who are blind do not watch television, movies or surf the internet
• You would be helpless without your vision

The correct responses to these questions are the same – FALSE!
Join us for The Blink Experience and discover why!

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or by calling (407) 898-2483 x235

Member of a church, civic group, or company? We can bring The Blink Experience to you! Our Blink in a Box includes compelling experiences, lunch, and the same 60 minutes of inspiration – book your Blink in a Box today!


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