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  Mission & Vision
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  Board of Directors
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  Young Exec. Cmte.
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  Annual Report

Executive Management

Lee Nasehi, MSW, President, Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

Donna Esbensen, CPA, MBA, Vice President, Chief Financial Officer (CFO)


Access Technology

Casey Mathews, Access Technology Specialist

David Ushiro, Access Technology Specialist


Alison Brandt, Administrative Assistant, Program Services

Pam Fendley, Executive Administrative Assistant to CEO

Steve Holmes, Facilities Coordinator

Pam Langford, Administrative Assistant, Program Services

Pam Rife, Administrative Assistant, Program Services

Adult Services

Shannon Boon, Client Services Coordinator

Brenda Cintron, Orientation & Mobility Instructor

Nikki Littmann, MA, Business Employment Developer

Craig Marquis, Braille Instructor

Judy Mathews, MS, CVRT, Vision Rehabilitation Therapist

Ginger Oreskovich, Rehabilitation Services Manager

Christopher Sacca, Vision Rehabilitation Specialist

Marcia Southard, Client Services Coordinator

Ada Villalon, Client Services Coordinator

Imani William, Orientation & Mobility Instructor


Early Intervention Services

Benjamin Bossley, Vision Services Mentor

Kasey Cash, Vision Services Mentor

Kerri Marczuk, Vision Services Mentor

Susan Mayton, Vision Services Supervisor


Donna "Dee" Amundson, SPHR, Director of Finance & Administration

Fior Marmol, Administrative Assistant, HR & Finance

Renae Tedesco, Bookkeeper

Terry Whaples, Accounting & Compliance

Information Technology

Mike Fox, IT Support Technician

Ramzy Spencer, IT Coordinator

Kaleb Stunkard, IT Manager

Lighthouse Works!

Fred Brown, Customer Care Center Manager

Pam Wolfe, Operations Manager

Sustainability and Communications

Richard Alleyne, Communications Manager

Mark Batchelor, Grants and Contract Compliance Manager

Scott Harju, Communications Coordinator/Graphic Designer

Kyle Johnson, Director of Sustainability & Communications

Ileah Vazquez, Events Coordinator

Youth Services

Roger Capote, Youth Services Team Lead

Ramon Dukes, Youth Services Specialist

Heather Harne, Youth Services Technician

Margie Hogle, Youth Services Technician

Heather Markgraf, Youth Services Supervisor

Maria Tranfaglia, Youth Services Technician