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Mission & Vision
Our Mission

Charting a course for Living, Learning and Earning with vision loss – this is Lighthouse Central Florida at its core!

Visual impairment doesn't have to break the human spirit. Through teaching, training, caring and compassion, Lighthouse Central Florida gives people with sight impairment the skills they need to achieve their full potential to live independently and maintain or increase their quality of life. It is truly a life-changing program.

Since 1976, Lighthouse Central Florida has provided education, independent life skills and job training and placement to more than 100,000 people with sight impairment and their families. But it's not just people with sight impairment who benefit; the entire community benefits through the productive contributions of skilled Lighthouse Central Florida graduates.

Lighthouse is Central Florida's only private, non-profit agency offering a comprehensive range of services to people living with sight impairment in the tri-county area. Through effective programs, proven curricula, certified instructors and years of personal and professional experience, Lighthouse ensures that individuals of all backgrounds have the tools they need to lead productive, independent lives while pursuing their dreams and goals without limitations.

Our Vision

With this mission in mind, Lighthouse Central Florida envisions a community:

• that fully understands the risks, injuries, and diseases that can lead to blindness and sight-impairment and takes steps to prevent these.

• that engages and embraces policies, systems, products, and environments accessible to all persons and without barriers.

• where persons with severe sight-impairment have easy access to the resources and tools needed to fully engage in daily activities, be successful in educational and vocational pursuits and participate fully in family and community life.

• helping all persons who have relationships with individuals that are blind or sight impaired, to get access to the resources and tools needed to regain and maintain healthy, effective, interdependent relationships with their loved ones, fellow students, co-workers and clients.
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