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A headshot of Kylie  Let me tell you the story about Kylie. Kylie was born prematurely, sustained a cranial bleed, and has the visual condition Retinopathy of Prematurity. Imagine your new baby arriving at 24 weeks, and weighing less than 2 lbs. She will need a series of taps to relieve fluid build-up on her brain and she is having sleep apnea which causes her to stop breathing. She will need on-going specialist care, and may have developmental delays in a number of different areas. This is not the beginning that most young parents envision for their child.

Fast forward to now- 16 months of age. Kylie can’t get enough of looking into mirrors. She crawls to the toy chest, and reaches purposefully for her favorite toys. She looks for buttons to push, knobs to twirl, rattles to shake, and all kinds of new things to explore. This beautiful little girl with curly blond hair was at first very hesitant to try activities. It was hard to fix her eyes on a toy, and then shift her gaze to another. It was a challenge to recognize that when toys dropped, it was Kylie’s job to find them, not mommy’s or daddy’s. With the support of a loving family and Lighthouse Central Florida’s services, Kylie is learning to move into her environment, and act upon it. Kylie is ready for the next part of her journey.

Kylie is just one out of over 1000 kids in Central Florida that need our help. Currently we are serving less than 10% of those in need. Lighthouse is the only non-profit providing comprehensive vision rehabilitation services in the Central Florida area.

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