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Archive: November 2015

Ballrooms & Brain Tumors: One Man’s Journey

Thu, 12 Nov 2015 by Lighthouse Central Florida

Ballrooms & Brain Tumors: One Man’s JourneyLarry Silverberg’s first indication that his vision was failing happened when he was behind the wheel of his vehicle.

“My depth perception was the first thing to go. I’d be driving along the highway, see a car ahead of me, maintain my speed thinking there was enough distance and all of a sudden I’d slam on the brakes because the car would be right on top of me! I was constantly misjudging the distance of other motorists and driving became a scary ordeal.”

Giving Time, Talent, Treasure...and Family!

Thu, 12 Nov 2015 by Lighthouse Central Florida

Giving Time, Talent, Treasure...and Family!Donna Sacca-Law is the Lab Manager for a major cancer-care center here in Orlando; she is also a longtime supporter of Lighthouse Central Florida and the mother of a son who lives with vision loss. Donna’s first encounter with Lighthouse was back when it was still known as the Center for Independence, Training and Education (CITE) and operating out of Valencia College...

Message From the President

Thu, 12 Nov 2015 by Lighthouse Central Florida

Message From the PresidentBelieve it or not we are in the final quarter of the year! Our new fiscal year has begun and our goals for the next 11 months are ambitious, yet achievable...

Strength Through Community

Thu, 12 Nov 2015 by Lighthouse Central Florida

Strength Through Community Kim Sorrel first came to Lighthouse in search of community. She and her family come from a strong faith tradition and they credit Lighthouse for helping to strengthen that faith by introducing them to a supportive community of parents raising children who live with vision loss...


Thu, 05 Nov 2015 by Lighthouse Central Florida

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#MyGivingStoryThis November, the Giving Tuesday movement is running #MyGivingStory, a new storytelling contest that will highlight acts of generosity that may take place out of the public spotlight. They are asking individuals across the country to share their personal reasons for giving, and then share those stories with their communities.