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National Save Your Vision Month

Mon, 04 Mar 2013 by Perry Athanason

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The American Optometric Association has coined March as National Save Your Vision Month and this gives all of us at Lighthouse Central Florida another opportunity to raise the awareness of vision rehabilitation services.

Save Your Vision can mean many things. Of course it can mean that you should be aware of eye diseases such as glaucoma, diabetic retinopathy and macular degeneration and that a regular check-up by an ophthalmologist can be critical in the early detection and early treatment that could SAVE YOUR VISION.

A Lighthouse Volunteer helping a new client in the kitchenBut for the blind and visually impaired population, saving your vision can mean something completely different. During my time with the Lighthouse (and my many years before of working with visually impaired), one quote reoccurs in my conversations – loss of sight does not mean loss of vision! This is a very important and strong testament to the viewpoint and attitude of those faced with vision loss.

The many people I meet at the Lighthouse live by this quote day in and day out. They use this quote as a creed to their endurance to overcome and to remain strong and independent despite vision loss. Through vision rehabilitation programs (such as those offered by the Lighthouse), the vision of what is possible shines brighter than ever.

A Transition Student using skills they have learned to cook a meal in the kitchenThis month, we will celebrate this very important public awareness calendar event, but in a way that promotes vision rehabilitation so that you Save the Vision of your life – your life of independence, of confidence and in all the quiet, beautiful moments filled with friends, laughter and experience – Lighthouse Central Florida can help you Save Your Vision when it pertains to vision rehabilitation – if you know somebody who is losing their vision, or has lost their vision, please contact us and allow us to learn more about this person and to discuss what the Lighthouse can offer.

It is very important to understand that the services offered by Lighthouse Central Florida is FREE OF CHARGE and we rely on donations and other sources of funding to help the blind or visually impaired population in three Central Florida counties.