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The Right Frequency: Husband & Wife Radio Hosts Promote Dialogue

Thu, 08 Sep 2016 by Lighthouse Central Florida

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Michael and Lynne Golder are the husband and wife duo behind the popular radio show, Blind & Beyond. The show, which is produced at the studios of WOKB 1680AM in Ocoee, serves as a bridge for dialogue between the sighted community and those living with vision loss.

The two first met in South Florida and have been married for almost 29 years. Michael is a former garment industry professional who once owned a manufacturing company of men’s apparel. Seven years ago, while on a sales trip in Detroit he suddenly lost his vision. Doctors with the Bascom Palmer Radio show hosts, Michael & Lynne Golder (right), seen here with recent guest, David Hillebrandt and his wife, BrendaEye Institute in Miami diagnosed him with central serous retinopathy—a condition linked to intense emotional stress. Lynne attributes that stress to the constant pressure under which Michael worked.

Michael and Lynne found Lighthouse after about a year of trying to access services through the state’s Division Blind Services (DBS). At Lighthouse, Michael learned independent living skills and took orientation and mobility classes.

“We are big proponents of the work that Lighthouse does on a daily basis because it empowers people to live independently— especially if you’ve lost your vision later in life like I did,” said Michael. “They teach you that vision loss is not the end and give you the skills you need to successfully adapt to your new reality.”

“What we’ve created through this radio show is a dynamic blend of useful, empowering information, current events, trivia, and a whole lot of humor!” says Michael. “We try to push our listeners, who may be at home, and living with blindness, or some level of vision loss, to stop feeling sorry for themselves and get up and get out into the world!” says Lynne.

In addition to being Michael’s co-host, Lynne also produces the two hour long show—which airs every Sunday at 7:00 PM (EST).

“I try to book guests who offer a unique perspective and who challenge the notion of what many people believe it means to be blind.”

Blind & Beyond is planning to expand to other radio markets around the country beginning with the addition of the South Florida market by the end of the summer.