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Transition For Teens
Transition for Teens

Transition services are provided to students age 14 through 22 that are currently being served by the school system under an Individualized Education Plan (IEP). Lighthouse Central Florida employs an expanded core curriculum, which compliments the IEP, but also extends into vocational training and social experiences for the student.

The Transition program provides students with skills and experience to facilitate successful transition from high school to post-secondary activities, such as college, vocational school and employment. Through summer work programs to job coaching and Access Technology training, transition services promote personal and professional advancement and help teens compete with their sighted peers and achieve future self-sufficiency.

Everyday skills to promote independence are also addressed including: cooking, future planning, learning strategies, use of remaining vision, orientation and mobility, problem solving, social skills, sports/leisure and work exploration. The transitions program engages students to go beyond their wildest expectations, which builds an “I can do anything” mindset needed given the obstacles they face. Activities such as skydiving, white-water rafting and rock-climbing are just a few of the activities our students experience further teaching them that no obstacle is too great to overcome.

Group sessions occur twice per month and individualized instruction is available to students throughout the week. Transition services provide participants with the opportunity to develop positive self-esteem, independence and employability skills.

Video about Lighthouse Central Florida's Transition Services
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