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Orientation and Mobility
Orientation & Mobility

Orientation and Mobility training provides individuals of all ages with improved ability to travel safely and independently in their environment.

For seniors, training includes tasks such as: helping a senior safely navigate in the area immediately outside of the home, orienting a college student to classrooms on a campus or teaching an individual how to safely cross a street or use public transportation.

For working age adults, O&M training allows them to maintain busy lives including how to access transportation, how to move around in their office or work environment and how to overcome the obstacle of movement with blindness safely and securely.

For children, learning to navigate with a white cane or guide dog is crucial in learning to live with vision impairments or blindness. This learning activity instills independence at a very young age and helps create a foundation of confidence within each child – a confidence that will be needed and tested as they continue their lifelong journey with vision loss.

image of a child using a white cane to get around a mall
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